Upcoming Meetings

When is the next meeting?

Date: Wednesday 22nd of September
Time: 20:00
Place: Cafe Marktzicht, Breedstraat 4, Utrecht
Please let us know if you will be present. Send an email to languagecafeutrecht@gmail.com on Wednesday after 12pm.

-we will publish the new language list here, every Wednesday at noon-

Anybody who’s interested in joining the cafe can send an email to languagecafeutrecht@gmail.com AFTER we’ve published the list, which we do on Wednesday at noon/12pm. Please note the date and your language of choice. We’ll reply to affirm your spot.

Please note: if you don’t feel well, don’t sign up. If you sign up, we expect you to be there, if you can’t make it after all, please notify us before 6pm so we can give someone else your spot.

If you would like to join us live for a different language in the next few weeks, please let us know. We decide about these languages every Wednesday.

For when you’re in the cafe: Please follow orders from the bar staff as they comply with the RIVM/government rules that have been set for the horeca.


We hope to see you!

Because the cafes were closed, we offered you an online place to meet up and chat! Some of you have expressed that it would be nice to keep the online cafe alive. You can find people on Wednesdays at 8pm at https://meet.jit.si/LCU-TheBar.
We use jitsi because it’s a platform where you can easily make new chatrooms. Here you’ll find a few that we’ve pre-made for you:
If you’re up for a chat, it might help to visit our Facebook page or Meetup group to reply to our message and state which language you want to practice. This way, people will know where to find someone to chat with! If there’s an unlisted language that you want to practice, just put https://meet.jit.si/LCU-  and then your language of choice, and voilà, you’ve made a new room!

What happens at a meeting? 

The Language Cafe brings around 50-80 people together per evening for socializing and language learning. What happens on a Language Cafe is the following: You arrive, very curious and enthusiastic, in a nice bar in Utrecht. There, you will see some handsome people with a Language Cafe badge, that’s us :-). After a short introduction they will explain you that there are different tables where different languages are spoken (recognized by small flags). You can then join one of these tables. This shows the other visitors the language that you intend to speak. From there we leave you alone and are ready to answer any further questions if you have some.

Dutch lessons?

Often we get e-mails with questions about the free Dutch lessons that we offer.

However, we don’t offer any lessons at all! Our goal is to connect you with fellow language learners / native speakers to help you figure out that language and become a pro in it.

If you have zero skill in a certain language, then coming by is of course possible, you might even learn a few words. But due to our concept, you should not expect to get language lessons at the Language Cafe.